I am stubborn and opinionated. I always have been. So, I was raised by a strict set of rules to mediate these traits. Every rule infringed on me still makes sense: pay attention when you’re crossing the street, don’t put your feet on other people’s furniture, move out of the way whenever possible, make sure your trash goes in the bin, and countless others. These rules kept me from being unsafe, selfish, or simply rude. However, in my life, I have learned that others prefer to do whatever benefits them best in the present moment. For being someone with strong opinions, calling people out makes me extremely uncomfortable. I exist in a space in which I am constantly annoyed by small, often thoughtless, behaviors. This photo series is my way to call out the rude, obnoxious, and downright stupid things people do without actually complaining to their faces. These careless acts impact people’s long-term well-being, others around them, and the environment in which they exist. It is so easy to act in a more thoughtful manner, but those around me never seem to do that. They should have been raised better but, obviously, they weren’t.
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