Or Hannah Salamone, if you like vowels.

I'm a graphic designer who lives for the organization of chaos. 
If you ask me, "Why graphic design?" I will undoubtedly tell you that design is the math of art (and I have always loved both math and art). Now, while that may not resonate with you or your previous knowledge, I do have my proof. Every pica is important when it comes to the final impact of a design, just as every number, down to the smallest decimal value, is important in a math equation. It must be calculated and evaluated with the end goal in mind. You can always check your work — did you reach the correct audience, achieve the intended click-through rate on a digital ad, eliminate confusion with signage, etc. — and rework the problem if it doesn't come out correctly. You show your work along the way and present it to anyone who has doubts about the answer, inviting them to find errors and adjusting for them if they are found. You will also learn that there are multiple ways to solve a problem. Faster methods tend to rely on extensive previous knowledge, but the slower methods are just as useful because the ultimate goal is to find the correct answer and prove that you are indeed correct.
Design is math that visual learners can understand and everyone can appreciate.
Other fast facts about me:
I have my BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Minnesota.
I grew up in the Kansas City, Missouri suburbs.
I am currently based in Washington, DC.
I have been designing freelance since I was 17. My first freelance project was a brochure for a band and orchestra concert that a local bank was sponsoring. The Regional President of the bank had a history of buying ads in my school newspaper and my senior year, I was the advertising manager for the paper. He decided he wanted the bank's ads redone, so I created new designs for him. Evidently, he liked my work and contacted me a few months later to ask if he could hire me to do the brochure design.
My dream job is designing literally anything for Taylor Swift.
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